Aristotle’s Views on Property

Aristotle’s Views on Property

Aristotle’s Views are quite different from that of Plato’s views. He has drawn his views on property while he criticizing Plato’s views. Plato stated that it is not good for the unity of state and restricted it from the guardian class. Whereas Aristotle reflects as property as necessary for the normal functions of household and social growth. He explains the possession of property as follows:

1 Aristotle says that, “The institution of property is good for the individual and for the society. It gives individual encouragement to work and donate to the social growth.

2 Having property is basis of self-respect, pleasure and self-love. It can be used for the improvement of the society.

3 The qualities like generosity, liberality, hospitality and righteousness can be encouraged by the property, which plays an important role in the human personality.

4 The usefulness of property has well-known due to its presence for long time and survived different disturbances in human history.

5 Owning of the private property supports in the improvement of virtues such as skills of management and vigilance and would be useful in the management of state affairs.

6 The owning of private property creates the sense of civic duty, and he will take interest in the state affairs, money raised from taxes can be used correctly for the benefit of community. He would make sure for the protection of his own property, and the people who do not have property would spent much money of the state.

7 It is the natural character of man to have property, any effort to abolish the property shall result in disharmony.

Aristotle suggests very good explanation about the owning of property, he also asserted the holding and using property which determines the healthy or un-healthy results of the property. There are three methods to hold and use of the private property like, a. some people may own but its produce must be used by the community b. the use of property and common ownership c. common ownership but private use of  property.

Types or Kinds of Property:

Aristotle differentiated property into two groups 1. Animate and 2. Inanimate. He referred slave as animate device, the other property as inanimate device. Whatsoever be the kind of property, it is healthy if it helps person in leading good and healthy life. He did not favour the disproportionate amount of property, he asserted that acquire sufficient wealth to lead good life.

He also asserted about the two different methods of wealth 1. Natural and 2. Unnatural wealth. The natural methods are cattle rising, agriculture and hunting which helps in obtaining required maintenance, unnatural method are procurement of property include trade, tenancy of life but endless growth of wealth.

His views on property are very important, he justified for the holding private property and also stressed that endless amount of wealth is bad for the society.  But his views on property are not up to date. No one can deny that his views on private property are on the basis of complete philosophical and logical. The justification given by him in this regard was 2000 years back and still it hold good even today.