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10 Reasons to having fun at workplace

Recent research shows that having fun in the workplace can significantly improve productivity and performance. This research provides evidence that:
Happy Employees = Happy Customers = Better Bottom Line
It must be said that I am not advocating that workplaces be turned into a “circus”. There is a time for play and a time to work hard. We need to get the balance right, and ensure that we build in some fun time that is appropriate
and not distracting from core business.
The purpose of this e-book is to provide you with a range of strategies to help you have some fun at work.
It must be remembered that there is no “one best way” to have fun, as every organisation, and every individual within that organisation, will have a different concept of what fun is. Many of the activities in this book have been
designed in the form of checklists. Pick out the ideas and activities which suit you, your workplace and your people.
There is also a strong correlation between planning for fun and actually having fun. To have an ongoing positive effect you need to ensure you have an action plan in place to keep the fun going all year round.

10 Reasons to having fun at workplace

Having fun in your workplace will help you to:
1. Develop a positive staff culture
2. Boost morale and motivation
3. Build relationships – employee/employee, management/employee and
4. Improve teamwork
5. Enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty
6. Help attract and retain the best people (reducing recruitment and retraining  costs)
7. Improve customer satisfaction
8. Enhance creativity and problem solving
9. Resolve conflict and difficult issues
10. And therefore increase productivity and performance

Research tells us that fun and laughter…

1. Make you feel good
2. Promote optimism
3. Reduce stress
4. Ease boredom
5. Help us cope with problems
6. Build relationships
7. Break down barriers
8. Lighten up serious or tense situations
9. Promote creativity and problem solving
10. Create joy among people

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