Abnormal Sleeping Pattern Can Trigger Middle Aged Weight Gain

Abnormal Sleeping Pattern Can Trigger Middle Aged Weight Gain

If you ever find yourself lying awake at night and having trouble catching the Zs, then there is a big chance that you might gain weight. This is quite true for people who are in their middle age.

Research has shown that most women in their middle ages or older and cannot sleep well are likely to gain weight more than their contemporaries.

Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can cause obesity in both children and adults. On the other hand, those who get a great night’s rest don’t exactly pack on the pounds as easily.

Although there were plenty of studies conducted before and some stated that weight gain and sleep problems were not correlated, this new research from the International Journal of Obesity provides evidence that an abnormal sleeping pattern was founded in patients before they had an increased weight gain.

The study was conducted on women and it showed that 1/3 of women in their 40s or 60s who had sleeping problems gained about 11 pounds. Studies showed that men who had trouble sleeping did not gain weight.

Although the study doesn’t pinpoint a cause and an effect, it does help women know that getting a good night’s sleep is often best if they are aiming to keep their weight down.

The lack of correlation between weight gain and abnormal sleeping behavior in men is not yet clear to the team. Research however, does seem to back up the team’s findings. Previous research has shown that sleep deprivation triggers a chemical process in the body that often leads to weight gain.

However, it is still unclear whether treating sleeping deprivation problems or insomnia is a good process of keeping off the weight.