Bag styles as per body shape


  • The inverted triangle body shape:

Opt for chunky, colored, fussy, detailed, or colored shoulder or handbags, which will sit on your hips or thighs.

  • The lean column body shape:

Choose round shaped bags with soft edges; clutch bags of petite to medium size.

  • The rectangle body shape:

Go for straighter styles e.g. rectangular shapes in bags or clutch bags.

  • The apple body shape:

Handbags are better than shoulder bags. Keep size medium to chunky.

Bag styles as per body shape

  • The pear body shape:

Clutch bags, shoulder bags that sit on your waist; choose chunky, fussy styles or looks with many details attached.

  • The neat hourglass body shape:

Any choice will work.

  • The full hourglass body shape:

Choose chunky styles; shoulder bags that will sit near your waist and not your too close to your bust, hand bags are good, be careful with clutch bags (only good with slimmer arms).