Business idea - Jewelry Making

Business idea – Jewelry Making

This Jewelry Making business ideas will makes you rich. This article gives you idea about how to do this business? What is the requirement for the business? Who is your customer? How much capital is required to start a business? for business and other business aspects.

Jewelry Making

• Design and produce handcrafted necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and beaded or jeweled purses.
• Customize off-the-shelf jewelry and purses to the specifications of customers.

The Need

All of us can appreciate a beautiful piece of jewelry. Even more impressive is a one-of-a-kind or customized piece.
The market for this sort of work is someone who wants something different from the standard offerings of retail stores.

Business Challenges

The difference between simple and ornate jewelry is a great deal of experience, time, and expense. Start out with simple, high-quality work and build your skills and business.
You must deliver what you promise. If you contract to provide a necklace of sterling silver or beads, Murano glass, or Swarovski crystal, you are legally bound to deliver that product.
Working with diamonds, platinum, gold, and other expensive materials requires a large investment and exposes you to liability for loss. Most jewelry makers start with simpler and less costly projects.

Know the Territory

Learn as much as you can about jewelry making from books, the Internet, and classes or workshops offered at craft and bead stores or community schools. Some suppliers offer training in the use of their tools or materials.

You may be able to gain experience by working as a helper or apprentice to an artisan.
Simple, handcrafted bead jewelry—using precious or semiprecious stones, crystal, gold, sterling silver, or clay—can be made from commercial and handmade beads available from a variety of sources and strung on wire or beading
thread. Some makers visit antique stores, flea markets, and craft shops in search of unusual components. Advanced work includes use of tiny seed beads.
Precious metal clay (PMC) jewelry is a clay substance that becomes a metallike silver or gold material when fired in a kiln. Working in gold, silver, copper, and other metals requires experience with jeweler’s saws, solder, pliers, and other tools.

How to Get Started

Show off some of your handiwork at craft shows and flea markets. Find out whether some specialty stores will stock your products for resale to their customers; you can sell your items to the dealer or place them there on consignment
until they are sold and then pay the dealer a commission.
Post ads and flyers at community centers, at schools, at senior centers, and in retail stores. Place ads in newspapers and shopping guides, especially around holidays, including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. You can also create and maintain a web site to sell your products.
Ask satisfied customers to recommend your products; offer a bonus or discount for work they send your way.

Capital Requirement

You will need a jeweler’s tool kit that includes pliers, clamps, vises, hammers, cutters, saws, wire, clasps, soldering tools, torches, and thread. You may need a kiln to fire clay; you may be able to obtain access to a kiln at someone else’s studio.
Other costs include advertising and promotion. If you choose to sell over the Internet, you will need to pay for a web site and the capability to accept credit card transactions.

How Much to Charge

Price your products based on the cost of the materials plus the amount of time involved in completing each project. Add extra charges for more customization and for shipping if necessary.

Legal and Insurance Issues

Special notes: If your client gives you something of value to be customized, seek to limit your liability for damage or loss to the actual replacement value of items in your possession. You should protect yourself against claims for sentimental value or loss of use.