Business idea - Mystery Shopper

Business idea – Mystery Shopper

This small business idea can start from home and make a profitable business. This article gives you idea about how to do this business? What is the requirement for the business? Who is your customer? How much capital is required to start a business? for business and other business aspects.

Mystery Shopper

Start-up cost: Less than $500

Potential earnings: $10,000–$20,000

Typical fees: $25–$50 per shopping experience (generally, per day)

Advertising: Personal contact with managers at stores, hotels, corporations

Qualifications: Knowledge of area to be evaluated, being a good actor or actress so as not to be noticed, being highly observant

Equipment needed: None

Hidden costs: Mileage

What You Do

Mystery shoppers are used in a variety of settings: retail stores, hotel chains, restaurants, charitable organizations, government organizations, collection agencies, and banks. Their purpose is to observe the business from a customer’s point of view and to report to management its shortcomings and strengths for the sake of improving service. A mystery shopper acts like a customer, observing the quality of the service, looking for employee theft, and even shopping the competition for valuable information. One of the benefits to companies of using mystery shoppers
is that they are less expensive than electronic surveillance.

What You Need

You won’t spend very much at all launching this one, but you probably won’t become a millionaire, either. Earning $10,000–$20,000 per year would probably be as good as it gets.

Keys to Success

You might want to stick to a particular industry where you already have experience or knowledge. Chains would provide continuing business and multiple sites to shop without being known as a shopper. Provide a written and oral report of your findings. In some states, mystery shoppers are considered private investigators and therefore must be licensed. Look into your state’s laws regarding licensing.