The most difficult language to learn

Learning a different language can be fun. Not only it is the mark of a difference Among your peers but it also opens the tour to interactions with completely different cultures. With that said, some languages are easier to learn than others. so unless you are a glutton for difficult mental stimuli, we have listed down some of the difficult language to learn in the world.


1 mandarin

It may be the most spoken language in the world but it comes with its own difficulties for English speakers. MandarinSince
mandarin is a tonal language you can have a completely different meaning of a words just by changing your tone. Add to that housand of characters from Complex systems and the language richness in homophones and you have got one of the hardest language to learn in the world.


  1. Icelandic:

Why the Icelandic language has not changed much island all settled in the 9th and 10 centuries comma it continues to add new meaning to old word new meaning to. It also does not help that there are fewer than 4 lakh native speakers who you can learn and practice with.


  1. Japanese:

Japanese has three independent writing systems: Hiragana, katakana and kanji. Before they can start writing, Japanese learners need to learn thousand of different characters in this writing system. It is however easier to learn than mandarin.


  1. Korean:

Korean is a language isolate, which means it is not linked to any other language family root. But wait from there is more. Korean has 7 different speech levels which native speakers flip back and forth on, depending on the formality.


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