Leaders who can build culture

Disruptive People Leadership

Leaders who can build culture and maintain culture coherence across a company’s portfolio will create sustainable organizations of the future and clearly stand out.


The world is constantly grappling with the VUC a effect which is characterized by constant changes, disruptions and the need of continuous innovation. In challenging times as these, to lead an enterprise / function needs highly agile leaders at the fulcrum of the organization who effectively blend strategy and culture together. They should be vehicle to drive business results by executing strategy successfully through culture building and transformation along with effective dissemination to the last employee.


However, the real challenge is that culture remain elusive, subjective and sometimes a theoretical boardroom pr leadership discussion. In many workplaces, it is limited to balanced work life, break room perks, employee value proposition, improved employee engagement scores or driving a great or cool place to work. There is also a tendency to replicate or follow some successful practice in the marketplace in the pursuit of corporate divine intervention.

The leadership which can truly build culture and maintain culture coherence across a company portfolio to drive desired business value will create sustainable organization of the future and clearly stand out.

This is now brings us to an important question – how do we measure culture permeability?

How do we know that the needle is moving?

What is the role of the leadership and how does each leader effectively drives this across?

With the amount of time and money that gets invested in culture dissemination to the last man, it is high time that we make term RoI relevant and applicable for culture measurement.

A tool called ‘culture meter’ would help us answer the above question. The culture meter is an online tool which will cumulatively tell us how we have to internalize values as an organization and how accordingly to each leader, it is being driven. It is dynamic, can be refreshed on a daily basis and should be anchored in the company’s core values. The second part of the tool’s design would be to enable a multy-stakeholder view, after they feel and see the change and contribute to the same in the from of continuous feedback.

The third part of the culture meter is involving the customer in the architecture and building process. The above steps will lead to a fool proof culture building process along with measurement and business impacts. This will be robust future step framework which will drive the enterprise forward. The culture meter is ring fenced and will prove to be a unique competitive sustainable advantage.

Measuring and managing culture will deliver magic in terms of business growth and result. Having the culture meter disposal along their hand held devices will define the work places of tomorrow.


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