Enterprise marketing automation (ema)

Enterprise marketing automation (ema)

Enterprise Marketing Automation (EMA)

  • EMA is the Technology of end-to-end marketing.
  • EMA is related with the last generation of the business ecosystem’s. The new evaluation of the customer ecosystem is the EMM (Enterprise Marketing Management).
  • EMA tools also provided a consistent continues relationship across multiple channels like the web, email, efax, telephone.
  • EMA provides the templates and tools for planning, executing, & analyzing the campaigns in the real time.
  • EMA was the CRM related marketing tool.
  • EMA was the creation of personalized marketing efforts that not only engaged the customer or prospect, but also engaged the entire enterprise in the effort and provide a single view of the activity to any department or segment of the company.



  • Using web-based application and the Internet to improve the effectiveness of traditional marketing and to create new method of marketing and campaign management using the web information technology to craft finely tuned successful efforts.

Permission Marketing:

 Permission Marketing is asking for the permission to “speak” about its product.

 Components of EMA 

  • EMA’s core component is Campaign Management. The end-to-end organization and execution of a marketing thrust.
  • The main component of campaign mgmt is the provision of a single view of the customer to the entire enterprise & with the responsibilities for the customer.

Marketing Campaign

 Marketing Campaign is the process defined by the permission marketing mantra “Opt-in, opt-out ”.

  • Opt-in : if some sites want to give some information to us then they want our permission to send the information in our mail id. It is a web- based registration form, which is to be filled out for giving the permission to the site.
  • Opt-out : contrast to Opt-in. In the opt-out, we just take back the given permission. And make restrictions on the sending information.

Campaign planning and Management 

  • E-marketing’s great strength is Campaign management the creation of personalized marketing efforts that not only engage the customer or prospect, but also engage the entire enterprise in the effort and provide a single view of the activity to any department or segment of the company.
  • The campaign mgmt features of the technology are end-to end. They plan & monitor all activity, including:
  • Identification of the prospect
  • Generation of the lead
  • Customer information capture
  • Distribution of leads to appropriate segments
  • Campaign planning
  • Campaign execution
  • Response management
  • Refinement
  • Channel management

Business Analytical tools

  • EMA tools are distinguished from traditional marketing tools by their ability to capture, extract and analyze customer information from multiple and often platform-independent sources and realize the results through the web.
  • Good analytical tools/software can reduce the cost of customer acquisition via targeted and segmented results.
  • These tools are scalable, so they can be sift through millions of customer transactions of varying sorts.
  • These tools are clear and distinct with reporting tools that is provided with the information.
  • They have to be fast, because they are dealing with many transactions from multiple sources in the course of Internet time.
  • The EMA analysis provides in depth profiling information on customer preferences, buying behavior, revenue, profitability and purchasing frequency.


 EMA Components 


Various vendors have developed robust EMA event-mgmt tools capturing customer information through event registration and online interaction.


Web- based or web integrated marketing provides the same marketing goodies that customers have always been interested in: promotions, contests, cross-selling of products, up-selling of the products and discount coupons.

Loyalty and Retention Programs

EMA application build in the small ,personalized touches that engenders loyalty and retain customers.

For example:

  • Birthday greetings.
  • Holiday and Special occasion reminder
  • Delivery of the gift ideas
  • Welcome programs
  • Points based programs

Partner and channel Management 

  • Partner relationship management (PRM) are embedded into many EMA applications.
  • PRM includes features that incorporate targeted, joint  marketing programs to promote both business and partners.

Some features are:

  • Cross-selling of a company’s complementary products.
  • Promotion of new versions or upgrades products.
  • Joint promotions with partners or affiliates.

 Response Management 

  • How does your e-marketing suite handle response management so we can analyze the data?
  • The complete response management features include banner ads, direct mail, print ads, email, web site link, surveys, event registration results, internet registration, and online survey results.
  • Response management is the whole process is response gathering, analysis and refinement of the response.
  • The response gathering was completed after campaign was completed.
  • Using the internet as a tool that works in real time, what is now called “Closed–loop feedback” that is integrated into the e-marketing.
  • “Closed–loop feedback” is the nucleus of the Internet based response management.

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