Essentials for the Success of a Job Evaluation

Essentials for the Success of a Job Evaluation Programme

Following are the essentials for the success of a job evaluation programme:

Compensable factors should represent all of the major aspects of job content. Compensable factors selected should

  • avoid excessive overlapping or duplication;
  • be definable and measurable;
  • be easily understood by employees and administrators;
  • not cause excessive installation or administrative cost: and
  • be selected with legal considerations in mind.
  • Operating managers should be convinced about the techniques and programme of job evaluation. They should also be trained in fixing and revising the wages based on job evaluation.
  • All the employees should be provided with complete information about job evaluation techniques and programme.
  • All groups and grades of employees should be covered by the job evaluation programme.
  • The programme of – and techniques selected for-job evaluation should be easy to understand by all the employees.
  • Trade unions acceptance and support to the programme should be obtained.
  • Experts have advanced certain guidelines for conducting the job evaluation programme in a systematic way:
  • Rate the job – not the person or employee on the job.
  • Strive to collect all the facts accurately.
  • Look especially for distinguishing features of jobs and for relationships to other jobs.
  • Study jobs independently and objectively, and then discusses views thoroughly and open-mindedly before reaching final decisions.
  • Job evaluation must be conducted systematically, based on factual and accurate information.
  • The results of job evaluation must be fair and rational and unbiased to the individuals being affected.