Evolution of the motor vehicle

Evolution of the motor vehicle

1860 The Frenchman Lenoir constructs the first fully operational internal-combustion engine; this powerplant relies on city gas as its fuel source. Thermal efficiency is in the 3% range.

1867 Otto and Langen display an improved internal combustion engine at the Paris International Exhibition. Its thermal efficiency is

Daimler motorcycle and Benz motor carriage

Daimler motorcycle and Benz motor carriage

approximately 9%.

1876 Otto builds the first gas-powered engine to utilise the four-stroke compression cycle. At virtually the same time Clerk constructs the first gas-powered two-stroke engine in England.

1883 Daimler and Maybach develop the first high speed four-cycle petrol engine using a hot-tube ignition system.

1885 The first self-propelled motorcycle from Daimler. First self-propelled three- wheeler from Benz (patented in 1886) .

1886 First four-wheeled motor carriage with petrol engine from Daimler.

1887 Bosch invents the magneto ignition.

1889 Dunlop in England produces the first pneumatic tyres.

1893 Maybach invents the spray-nozzle carburettor.

1893 Diesel patents his design for a heavy oil-burning powerplant employing the self-ignition concept.

1897 MAN presents the first workable diesel engine.

Daimler motor carriage and the first Electromobile

Daimler motor carriage and the first Electro mobile

1897 First Electromobile from Lohner-Porsche.

1899 Fiat Automobile Factory founded in Turin.

1913 Ford introduces the production line to automotive manufacturing. Production of the Tin Lizzy. By 1925, 9,109 were leaving the production line each day.

1916 The Bavarian Motor Works are founded.

1923 First motor lorry powered by a diesel engine produced by Benz-MAN

1936 Daimler-Benz inaugurates series-production of passenger cars propelled by diesel engines.

1938 The VW Works are founded in Wolfsburg.

1949 First low-profile tyre and first steel-belted radial tyre produced by Michelin.

1950 First gas-turbine propulsion unit for automotive application makes its debut at Rover in England.

1954 NSU-Wankel constructs the rotary engine.

1966 Electronic fuel injection (D-Jetronic) for standard production vehicles produced by Bosch.

Diesel-engined lorry Passenger car with Wankel rotary engine

Diesel-engined lorry
Passenger car with Wankel rotary engine

1970 Seatbelts for driver and front passengers.

1978 Initial application of the ABS Antilock Braking System in passenger cars.

1984 Debut of the airbag and seatbelt tensioning system.

1985 Advent of a catalytic converter designed for operation in conjunction with closed-loop mixture control, intended for use with unleaded fuel.

1997 Electronic suspension control systems.