Functions of Social Welfare Administration

Functions of Social Welfare Administration

The main function of social welfare administration is to organize the energy of like- minded persons to accomplish the objectives they have set in order to improve the society.

The functions of social welfare administration to achieve the objectives set up by the agency would include:

a) To formulate the appropriate objectives and programmes of the agency, it is very important to get the required information and to understand the total situation. The agency generally focuses on a particular problem in a particular geographical area.

b) To analyze the collected information so as to plan appropriate measures to solve social problems. Social welfare agency’s work is to address social problems of the society in that given area.

c) To recognize, screen and opt for an appropriate plan of action to tackle problems and handle the initiatives of the social welfare agency.

d) Formulating policies, programmes and plans for effectively carrying out the objectives of the social welfare agency in a planned manner.

e) To identify appropriate personnel for the social welfare agency with proper orientation and supervision so that they understand the objectives and how to implement the programmes in order to achieve the goals of the agency.

f) To inspire volunteers who can involve themselves in the aims, objectives and goals of the social welfare agency.

g) The administration has to delegate work to various departments under supervisors who will be accountable for the assigned work, in the various departments which has to be coordinated so that maximum results are obtained.

h) Rules, regulations, practices and procedures have to be set up so that there is uniformity and accountability among all staff in the agency so that the objectives of the agency are easily accomplished.

i) The agency must keep proper records and reports. These records and reports must be analyzed and interpreted to find out the progress of the agency’s work.

j) The financial practices must be very economically and strictly laid down so that there can be no misappropriations. The finances must be accurately utilized and accounted for finance is the backbone of any organization. So finances must be properly managed.

k) Every agency has to lay down certain standards of work and work towards meeting those standards at all times. The personnel from highest level to the lowest level must understand and maintain the standards and work for it with great care.

l) One of the main threads that binds the whole agency together is communication. The
communication must be clear and smooth from all sectors of the agency be it horizontal from department to department, or vertical from top to bottom or bottom to top. The agency must also have an open communication channel with the community people.

m) Social welfare administration must also see to it that the agency has suitable coordination within the various departments of the agency and at various levels in the agency. The agency when it works as a whole, it becomes most effective to meet its objectives. The social welfare agency must also have proper coordination with other agencies working in the same field. There must be networking with agencies with similar themes, in same geographical areas.

n) Social welfare administration has an important role in monitoring and evaluation of the agency’s programmes and in assessing overall work.


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