Geriatric Care Management

Geriatric Care Management

Counseling is a process that enables a person to sort out issues and reach decisions affecting their life.Often counseling is sought out at times of revolt or crisis, it need not be so, however, as counseling can also help us at any time of our life.The counseling required at the old age is called Old age Counseling or geriatric counseling.

Counselling with Geriatric people is a process, carried out in a simple one-to-one social environment, in which the counsellor, who is professionally competent in psychological skills and knowledge seeks to assist the aged people by methods appropriate to the latter’s needs. It should be within the environment of the total personal programme, to learn howto put the understanding into effect in relation to more clearly apparent and realistically defined goals to the end that the geriatric people may become a happier and more productive member of the society.

Geriatric Care Counselling is also a professional geriatric care management for supporting older adults and their families or other concerned parties in genuinely evaluating needs and creating personalized plans tailored to best meet the unique needs of each individual.

It also refers to the wide-ranging effort to recognise, treat and cure the geriatric people in their habitat (the family and community) through the psychological and social interventions and strategies. It is a systematic process with the Responsible participation of the complete players involved in the programme.

Geriatric counsellors assist older adults with choosing from the wide array of social and health services and programs available to them.Geriatric counselors are care managers for older adults, helping to facilitate family support, provide direct care, and coordinate care from professional systems.(according to the Geriatric Social Work Initiative (GSWI).)

Increased numbers of older people and a continued lengthening of the life span highlight the need to expand counselling services to the older adult,which a population often being over-looked and under-represented in receiving psychological aid.

Geriatric Care Management

 The overall goal of a geriatric counselor is to improve the lives of older adults by increasing access to programs aimed at assisting them.Older adults might have many issues and concerns related to housing, transportation, finances, or social interactions.For example, ageriatric counselor working with an older adult needing access to transportation would schedule and coordinate grocery delivery services.

Additionally, navigating programs like Medical aid facilities and medicare is bewildering and maddening, but geriatric counselors are experts at accepting the process of obtaining benefits from these programs.They also know how to locate the health services.

 To provide care and support services for the older adult, the geriatric counselor them selves must first become very familiar with the adult and the individual’s illnesses, disabilities, or limitations.Counselors take a holistic view of that individual’s life, from his or her views on faith, illness, and finances, to housing and transportation issues.

 After gathering enough information and adequate knowledge regarding the older adult’s lifestyle, the geriatric counselor then supports to improve a comprehensive care plan that includes all the possible services the individual requires.

 These services include home cleaning services, crisis support services, or any of
the following:
 Handling insurance claims
 Legal aid services
 Money management and bill paying services
 Hospice care management
 Geriatric counselors always take up initiatives to visit the clients so that they can ensure that their needs are met; detecting any variations which might require for the individual’s need for new programs or services. Depending on the health condition say after a sudden stroke or fall, the needs of older adults might change, and geriatric counselors must be willing to set up transportation services or grocery delivery, for example.

The roles of a geriatric counsellor

In addition to care management, the geriatric counselor also acts as a link between older adults and their physicians. Older adults with dementia might have trouble enlightening their needs and problems to a physician, and geriatric counselors often enable communication. The counselor must have far-reaching knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and other age-related illnesses in order to synchronize proper care and gain a thorough understanding of the older adult’s needs. By gaining information on these age-related diseases, the counselor acts as an effective facilitator and advocate for the older adult.

Geriatric counselors must pay special attention to changes in physical or mental health. The counselor keeps track of the older adult’s nutrition and weight, and any differences in cognitions or behaviors.By coordinating multidisciplinary support for the older adult, the geriatric counselor ensures that everyday functioning remains optimal for the aging individual.

Pre requisites for an effective geriatric counselling

There is no universal rule for counseling.Many counselors devise their own style and  method either by experience or due to particular training programs .One should find out what suits both the client and their family and their environment. But, some prerequisites may be good to note for an effective counselling.

Human approach:As inevery setting, counsellors should adopt a humane approach when treating seniors especially those with chronic ailments.
Non-Judgmental attitude:Anon-judgmental and in-depth listening by a counsellor allows the clients to open up their problems,
Holistic Approach:The counsellor’s focus should be on the bio-psychosocial wellbeing of the older adult.

They have to understand not only the physical complications of aging, but mental health and social/environmental/spiritual attributes of aging as well.

 Holistic approach: Consistent with lifestyle counselling.Older persons often have simultaneous counselling needs, but some concerns, like elder abuse,may not be immediately mentioned as a problem. Here an effective and well experienced counsellor can only go deep in to these issues.

 Respect the Diversity of the Older Population: Counselling recognizes the need and strengths of persons who differ based on culture, race, class, gender, sexual orientation,disability. Counsellors should treat older clients respecting their dignity and worth.

 Developing independence while diminishing dependence:The counsellor’s role should be only as facilitators and the elderly should not depend on them for entire matters

 Self Determination:Promoting self-determination through older person and family centered solutions and encouraging decision making and action taking. Counselling enhances the developmental,problem solving,and coping capacities of older people and their families.

 Family Centered Approach:Like all Counsellors,Geriatric Counsellors work with not just the individual,but also the family and community at large. Often a Geriatric Counsellor’s counselee may be individuals who are not necessarily “old” but are dealing with issues related to aging. In order to improve the well being of an elder, often family members and community leaders are the clients of the Geriatric Counsellor.

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