Here cycle – a bicycle leader

Here cycle – a bicycle leader

Here cycle – a bicycle leader of India

The current average annual domestic demand for bicycles in India is about 10 million. This largesse translates into a 25% increase in annual off take. Hero Cycles is the industry leader commanding a whopping 48% market share of the Indian bicycle market collectively across all segments .With a turnover of Rs. 1450 crore (US$ 302.10 million) and an expanding product repertoire, the company is all set to maintain its position of being not just India’s largest bicycle company but as also the world’s single largest manufacturer of bicycles.


In every crisis, says a Chinese proverb, there is an opportunity. Forced to abandon their lives in Pakistan by the traumatic fall out of the
partition in 1947, four brothers Dayanand Munjal, Brijmohan Lall Munjal, Satyanand Munjal and Om Prakash Munjal did not dwell on the
crisis but looked for the opportunity.They surmised accurately that people in newly independent India were in need of a cheap and
convenient means of personal transport. In 1956, they established a modest manufacturing unit and made an even more modest beginning.
That year they manufactured 639 bicycles. By 1963 – in seven eventful years – they had become a household name. To ramp up capacity, the company acquired Gujarat Cycles Limited in 1987. Renamed Munjal Auto Industries Limited, the unit was earmarked to manufacture and export state-of-theart bicycles and allied products from its fully automated plant at Waghodia.The company further scaled up capacity by establishing a second unit at Sahibabad, Uttar Pradesh in 1988.
However, with markets growing rapidly and the high net worth family looking at the bicycle with renewed interest, Hero Cycles tied up with
National Bicycle Industries – a part of the Matsushita Group of Japan – in 2002. The collaboration was designed to bring together
Hero’s distribution and manufacturing might and National’s technical competency to manufacture the most high-end bicycles in India.
Today, Hero Cycles manufactures more than 18,500 bicycles each day, employs 4800 people at its three state-of-the-art manufacturing  plants and has a dealer network of 3000 spread across the country.


Hero Cycles greatest achievement is that the company put the Indian bicycle industry on steroids when it muscled its way to the top of
the world’s pyramid, more than 20 years ago. It has never relinquished that spot and continues to be listed in the Guinness Book of World
Anticipating the emerging sophistication in Indian markets, Hero Cycles launched a number of high-end models. These included a specialised
range of fitness bikes as also the first Mountain Terrain Bike (MTB), the first City Bike and the first Racer Bike in India.
In keeping with its aggressive marketing strategy Hero Cycles set another landmark: it became the first manufacturer in the world to
cross the magical production figure of 100 million bicycles in 2006, its Golden Jubilee year. In the same year it achieved the proud distinction of becoming the first company to manufacture 5 million bicycles. With a powerful history and an envious record, Hero is
also India’s largest exporter of cycles. It has a strong presence in 56 countries, including the highly evolved and competitive markets of the
US, the UK, Germany, Spain and several other countries in the European Continent. Not surprisingly the company has won the Engineering Export Promotion Council Best Exporter Award continuously for the last 28 years.


Hero Cycles’ greatest achievement has been to put the ‘wow’ factor into bicycles, long perceived as machines that were basic, black –
and boring. Hero has changed all that. The range it has on offer is truly breathtaking, cutting across all socio-economic segments.



Remarkably, within each such grouping, Hero comes off making a lifestyle statement.
Each model serves a particular customer profile touching it at a price point that is at once attractive and reasonable. It is this
that has allowed Hero theluxury of being able to cut through a massively cluttered market. But it is at the premium end of its collection where Hero has made the  most difference.
The men’s range includes X Sport Zylo, DTB, Nitro, Sundancer, Sapphire, Platinum, Razorback, Cyclone and Street Race – all guaranteed to set the pulse of every red-blooded male racing. All these variants are equipped with several special features such as wider tyres for stunt riding, special safety caliper brakes and extra rigid design to cope with hard and often rough riding. For a less vigorous experience there are
the roadsters, racers and the latest all-terrain and city bicycles such as Hero Devil Dx, Hero Neon, Ranger Swing 21, Hero Buzz, Hero
Missile, Hero Terminator, Hero Salsa, Hero Limbo, Hero Lambada, Hero Jet Gold, Hero Royal Gold and Powerbike. The Ranger Swing
21 is India’s most advanced high-performance MTB, offering a 21-speed gear system. Hero Buzz is India’s first Y-frame bike.Technologically
advanced, all-aluminium high-end bikes from Hero under the Octane Range have opened a new category in the premium segment.
The women’s range consists of the recently launched Miss India Platinum and Miss India Sapphire, an upgraded Miss India Gold, Emerald
and Ruby, while Hero bikes for kids include attractively designed, colourful bicycles such as Sundancer, Blaze, Swirl, Boss, Fairy, Bang, Cherish, Tango and Chase which incorporate special safety features for young riders. Brat, another cycle for kids, is designed with an international high rise saddle.

Brand Values

A brand is built when it delivers on its promises. In the case of Hero Cycles one part of that promise was commitment to quality, corporate
integrity and customer-centricity. The other part was defined by the level of social responsibility a company shoulders and discharges. What has emerged from the meeting of these personal philosophies is true success. Hero’s brand values are embodied in its
corporate vision of providing an inexpensive, durable vehicle of transport at affordable prices. ‘Engineering Satisfaction’ is the catchphrase
that drives the company, today. Now fully integrated into its work culture, this slogan is responsible for the company’s environmentfriendly
manufacturing processes and to the brands’ initiatives for benefitting the common man. In every one of these functions – and everything else in between – Hero Cycles has demonstrated its willingness to go that extra mile – just like a true Hero.

Thinks about Hero cycle which you don’t know

  • Hero Cycles manufactured 25 bicycles a day in 1956
  • Today the company turns out one bicycle every 5.4 seconds, around-the-clock, around the year
  • One in every ten Indians has owned a Hero  cycle at sometime in their lives
  • Hero Cycles manufactures the widest range of bicycles including multi-speed variants

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