Investment Plans and Options available to investors in MUTUAL FUND

Investment Plans and Options available to investors in MUTUAL FUND

Investment Plans

Direct Plan : Under direct plan investors can invest directly with a fund house where in no agent or distributor is involved and thus they can save on costs. The direct plan has a separate NAV, which is generally higher than normal or regular plan as direct plan charges lower expenses because it does not entail paying any commission to agent/distributor and thus gets reflected in the form of higher NAV.

Regular or Normal Plan : Under regular or normal plan investors can invest through an agent or distributor in order to avail their investment advice/services. The regular plan too has a separate NAV, which is generally lower than direct plan as former charges higher expenses in order to pay commission to an intermediary involved.

Investment Options

Growth Option : Under growth option, dividends are not paid out to the unit holders. Income attributable to the unit holders continues to remain invested in the scheme and is reflected in the NAV of units under this option. Investors can realize capital appreciation if any, by way of an increase in NAV of their units by redeeming them.

Dividend Payout Option : Dividends are paid out to the unit holders under this option. However, the NAV of the units falls to the extent of the dividend paid out and applicable statutory levies.

Dividend Re-investment Option : The dividend that accrues on units under option is re-invested back into the scheme at ex-dividend NAV. Hence investors receive additional units on their investments in lieu of dividends.