This man dressed as a parrot to sell house

A man dressed as a parrot has ruffled a few feathers in the property market of UK after he was photographed advertising a house. The colorful Macaw is seen a chilling on his sofa catching some rays on the Balcony and eating his dinner in a semi detached house in Bolton UK.

The squawker Don an an apron in the kitchen before wrestling up of East and South some cocktails in the Mini bar. The birds has been causing quite a flap with holders of Internet users taking their weekend in to look at the three bedroom property on boardman street in black Road, UK which is on the market for 2 million. The local business company decided they would have a bit of fun with their marketing of the 3 bedroom home. The owner who runs the company said the owner of the house owner ‘up for laugh’ so they decide to get creative with the photography.