Palmistry - The head line

Palmistry – The head line

The head line governs one or two things, especially it tells what type of mind you have ( it’s to be hoped you have one of these ). I suppose you can think of your head line much like a television antenna ; in other words the longer it is, the more information you can pick up. So, if you only have short one and only goes half way across your palm, you can only get BBC1 and BBC2 !
Seriously though, the longer it is, the more intelligent a person is likely to be, and therefore likely to be a quick thinker, with an ability to solve problems quickly. A pale line, shows a weakness towards headaches whereas a line with breaks in it, points towards indecision.
This line, in conjunction with other lines can also give some indication of financial status. It can also tell me if you’re likely to gain a substantial sum of money from outside sources ( a win, inheritance etc.).

lucky star

lucky star

To assertain this information, what you look for is a six pointed star (fig.11). with its centre directly at some point on the head line as indicated on the diagram below. If you do see one of these, make sure you get their lottery numbers off them & then give me a ring telling me what the numbers are !
As far as every day financial situations are concerned, if the line runs pretty much in parallel to the heart line then this indicates a little below average. If it gradually begins to widen away from the heart line towards the little finger side of the hand, this indicates average finances, if it widens to a great extent, above average finances are indicated and therefore provides a good marriage catch !


One other thing to mention about the head line ( and you won’t find this in other books ), is the probability of having a fork on it.( fig.12 ) If it does, then that person is very likely at some point in their life to be
self employed .


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