Palmistry – the line of Love & Leisure

Now the mundane things are out the way with, lets have a look at matters of the heart and all those things that make life worth the living.

The heart line

The heart line starts at the little finger end and usually finishes in between the first and second finger. An important line this one, for it tells of your emotional nature and your sexual nature ! ( I thought that would make you sit up and take notice ).

the heart linethe heart line

the heart line

Look carefully at this line, and in some instances make sure you have a good light in which to examine it. What you are looking for anywhere along that line, are small circles (sometimes forming a chain effect) or large islands or balloon shapes, (fig.13) these indicate passion in one form or another !

If you see large balloon/island shape, this indicates that when you get under way, it’s a weekends job ! You’ve certainly got staying power….mind you, you may kill off one or two partners en route through physical exhaustion!
If you notice small circles, sometimes forming a chain effect….your motto should be ‘little and often’. However, look at the beginning of the line to see if you can observe a feathered effect, with small lines coming into the heart line either side. If this is the case, then it shows you have quite an experimental nature ! For the females among you
who have this feathered effect give me a ring now, and I’ll give you my address… I’m available every weekend !
In general, if the heart line is single and clear, a person will be noted for their kindly nature and thought for others. If it is deep then it indicates a deep emotional nature, but persons bearing this are likely to be tinged with a selfish streak.
Some lines may have branches and other lines coming from it. The more the lines, the more their affections will go out to others….in other words they are apt to ‘bonk’ around a bit !

heart line that has another separate line( fig.14) dissecting it at some point (apart from the head or intuition lines
doing so), nearly always indicates a large emotional upset. Depending on where that line is, you can then give
some rough indication of when it will be. eg. If the line is approximately half way along then this indicates the upset
will be around the age of 35-40. If you have two lines that dissect and are very close together….lucky you, for you are likely to get rid of one partner and have another waiting in the wings !

The girdle of venus

You’ll find it ( if you have one ) forming a semi circle covering the middle two fingers, close to the base of the aforementioned fingers.
Not everyone has this line, and in some ways it’s a good job they haven’t and in other ways, it’s a shame not to have it. Venus, as we all know is the Goddess of Love, and this description in many ways fits this particular line. Usually the person is rather passionate, not only when in love, but usually about all they care about in life too. However if someone is going to play the field, or as some may say, a person of doubtful morals, then such a person more often
than not has a Girdle of Venus ! However it’s presence does not, as a rule indicate immorality; so….. if your partner has one, don’t worry….. well…don’t worry much anyway. ( Before you come and knock my door down, I’m only kidding…honest ).
In the majority of those who do possesses this line, you will find them to be a highly sensitive and nervous subject. If the line is rather weak then an intensely nervous temperament usually goes along with it.

Marriage line

In actual fact they should really be called Deep Affection Lines, for reasons I’ll explain later. To find them
you need to crook your little finger over and look around the side of your hand between the base of the little
finger and the Heart Line. Count the number of lines appearing and this will tell you how many deep loves you are
likely to encounter in your life.
Now to clarify matters before some of you get apoplexy. When man became man, marriage didn’t exist and we still had similar lines as we have today. Also most of the books on palmistry were written in the Victorian era….in those days if you were living with someone and not married to them, officially you were somewhat frowned upon and
treated as a none person. Therefore the scribes of the day, wrote their books accordingly.

Marriage line

Marriage line

Now in truth, you can be actually married to someone for say two or three years only, and then the marriage ends for whatever reason. Because it’s only a short marriage it won’t necessarily show as a so called marriage line at all ! Yet you can live with someone for 5 years, 10 years, all your life, yet never be married to them, and this will show
as a so called marriage line. That’s why they should be called Deep Relationship or Affection Lines. On top of this though, we have other points to remember. If you’re actually married to someone and are very very much in love with them ; it may be that they die after a few months of marriage…..even though the marriage was short, the love
you felt could be with you for most of your life and would therefore show as a line.
In fact you could conceivably meet someone for a brief period, fall madly in love with them, never see them again, but ‘ hold a candle’ for them for many years, and this would also show as a line, whilst maybe at the same time, be in love and married to someone else! You see how complicated these lines can be.

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