Palmistry – The mounts

Through experience when reading a palm, I have not bothered too much about the Mounts, having picked up all the information I need from the lines and shape. However, many palmists lay great store by these mounts, and because after all this book is about palmistry, they do need a mention and can add to the overall picture of a persons

the mount

the mount

The Mounts are fleshy domes situated on the palm, numbering seven in all. (Mars ‘a’ & ‘b”’ counting as one). They show qualities appertaining to that person. The more fleshy and firm a Mount, the more those qualities stand out.
The first aim when examining them is to find which is the strongest or most fleshy one ; for this will be the one giving the main characteristics to that subject. Lesser ones will be taken pro rata, and if there’s hardly any flesh to a particular Mount at all, just forget the qualities to that Mount altogether!
Outlined in figure 19 are the aforementioned Mounts, and we’ll take the main characteristics of each one in turn:


Usually indicating a person of medium height, neat in appearance and expressive in character. He is the probably the most active of all types, and as a rule will retain a youthful look in old age (drat him). A person who enjoys debate or argument, aided by a quick mind, he will also be shrewd in business. Fond of children, they are enjoy home life, are versatile and often try a variety of occupations.


An affable type, his easy going attitude attracts many friends and acquaintances and will not be one to harbour resentments. As a rule they are healthy and happy, with a strong artistic trait, while at the same time possessing a good business head.

Adaptable to most situations, they look to the bright side of life, and will inspire others to do so as well. However they can have a fierce temper when aroused, but this dissipates quickly. They like to please others, and on occasion will do so, sometimes at their own cost.



The Saturn subject is a peculiar person. Prudent and wise, they can be rather particular even with the trifles of life. Not a person to be over social, his views can be of a gloomy variety, a doubter and at times rather cynical .
They usually don’t rush into marriage, preferring to test the waters for some some time before doing so. Self reliant and independent they usually don’t care for the opinions of others,(sounds a bit of a party pooper to me).
On the plus side, they make for ardent students (wow) and will probably be interested in the occults,(and this is the plus side!).


An ambitious person they are usually the ones that are the leaders amongst men. They are found in all walks of life, often in the army, politics or the church. This type of person is a good and strong one, with a love of nature and love of ceremony.


There are in actual fact two mounts, either or both can be predominant, giving the subject an ability to command. They are usually full of self control with courage and a strong resolve on matters they believe in. Persistent, they rebuke any attempts to push them back or impose upon them. These mounts are influenced by the Plain of Mars . If crossed with many fine lines or well developed, the plain indicates the presence of a sudden temper (sounds like my ex wife).

In almost all hands, some Martian development is to be found, however in the rare case there is no development, here you have a person who is easily discouraged, and no matter what talent or gift they possess, they will often struggle for existence.


To a greater or lesser degree some development is found in all subjects ; though not often seen at its fullest. If it forms a well defined bulge, this is well developed, should it be thick and forms a large pad on the palm, this is very well developed. A little peculiar, a well developed Moon subject is often a person who is apt to be a dreamer and builds ‘castles in the air’ , conceiving great plans that usually have no practicality. They have a restless air about
them and frequently become great travellers, or on a more mundane scale will probably move house many times!
Influenced by signs and omens, they are usually superstitious and apt to be rather fickle. Often, they possess gifts towards composing or writing.


Not schemers for money making or cheating in business, the Venusian is usually of a happy, healthy, musical and joyous nature. Honest and truthful, Venus stands for love, sympathy and generosity. The love of music is strong, and where the Mount of the Moon is also well developed, here is a person can be an accomplished musician as well as appreciating it.
Coupled with a loving nature and a desire to care for his fellow man, this Goody Two Shoes Venusian is probably a good place to end this book, before I sink down into utter emotional sloppiness and pewk!