Relation between Nature science and Technology

Relation between Nature science and Technology

Before you understand the relationship between nature and science and technology. It is necessary to understand the meaning of each Nature – it is understood on the qualities and characteristics related to any given thing from the view point of environment. Nature consist of the biological and physical qualities of earth. It means the physical characterstics such as air, water, soil, temperature etc. as well as the natural laws and principles which control the functioning of the natural events. Science – it is defined as the systematic body of the factual knowledge obtained by the use of scientific method there are certain important characteristics of science.

1) It is based on truth or facts.

2) The scientific methods of observation and experimentation are used.

3) Science puts forwards knowledge i.e. reliable, valid and verfiable in other words the knowledge has to be precise, accurate and free from vagueness and ambiguity.

4) It believes in ethical neutrality i.e. freedom from value judgement.

5) Science never accepts anything to be conclusively true. It is a continues search for facts hence scientific knowledge is subject revision and modification as per any new research. Technology – it is defined as the application of knowledge for practical purposes. It is closely related to science.

This is because scientific knowledge is put to practical use. There are certain important characterstics of technology

1) It has a utilitarian value. It means the means of technology are of use to the human society.

2) technology has created for reacting changes in the society.

3) It is through the creative aspects of the technology that the developments and progress has been possible technology used not necessarily always be beneficial. There are negative effects of technology also. The relationship between science, nature and technology has to be understood through man.

Man is the focal point and it is his interaction with nature and his use of science and technology which has laid to a relation between nature, science and technology. During the intitial years of human civilization man was in awe of nature. In other words he respected as well as feared nature. This was because the rational and logical thinking of man was inadequate. Hence, the natural event or (natural occurrences were a mystery a constant source of fascination. Man attributed immense power to nature and firmly believed that it was nature which had ultimate control over his life. Slowly and gradually as human civilization proceeded through time a mark increased in mans intelligence, rational thinking as well as perception was noted. He started understanding the working of nature. The various natural event and occurrence could be understood interms of a cause effect relationship and natural laws. Nature no longer remained a mystery. All this became possible because of man’s need to search for knowledge or facts. Knowledge or facts unfolded the mysteries of nature. In other words it was the development of science which put man in a better position to understand and evaluate nature. This created significant changes in man’s perception towards nature. Initially man had accepted the domination of nature passively. However with growing awareness nature no longer was consider as an all powerful forces. It could now be termed, controlled modified, manipulated as well as exploited. With the advent of technology i.e. application scientific knowledge for a practical purposes, the situation became still worse. Man no longer was only taming the nature, but now he was tempering without to suit his own requirement and motives vast amount of changes were made in the natural environment under the name of development and progress of human society. These led to serious environmental degedration. Thus it was man who has responsible for waiting a relationship between nature science and technology. This relationship can be understood from a positive view point as well as negative view point. Positive aspects of the relationship between nature, science and technology.

But it was through science that significant changes took place in the history of mankind. Science discovered the laws of nature acted as a torch of light to explore and discover the unknown. It provided a lay of hope to man to understand a natural occurrences in a rational and logical manner. Science determines the natural functioning. This was possible because science was based on truth or facts. These facts were discovered accidentally or consciously. Once they were to discovered and sub-sequently verify, this scientific knowledge could Ibe used to modify and adopt nature for the sake of the benefit of mankind.

Application of Science and scientific. Principles – development of technology after the advent of technology, the heights reached by human beings interms of development and progress have been unparalled. Various field were benefited from these developments. Examples can be given in respect to important natural resources such as land, water, soil, forest etc. Science and technology have helped in man in proper utilization of land, space, planning towns and cities. Importance of water is evident through a conscious effort at water saving and water utilization schemes. Irrigation, water harvesting, dams etc. are a result of these efforts, science and technology have contributed in improving soil fertility as well minimizing soild erosion. Apart from this the uses of forest have been maximized through science and technology wood, timber and other products of forest have been utilized to the benefits of human society. However it was the selfishness and greed of man which did not stop him at utilization of natural resources but led to explitation of nature. Negative aspects of the relationship between nature, science, technology. The negative aspects are much more significant as compared to the positive aspects because of the damage they have caused to the nature. Man has exploited the natural resources in a tremendous manner. Modern scientific knowledge and technological innovations have degraded the natural environments. Examples can be given with respect to important natural resources bring misused. A lot of deforestation is carried out in order to increase landscape. This has created significant changes in rainfall. Use of chemicals as well as chemical waste have led to significant pollution levels which are evident in different forms. Water pollution, soil pollution etc.

Heavy industrialization, ultranisation, modern transportation. System has caused severe air pollution. The modern science and technology had led to serious damages such as depletion of ozone layer global warming etc. Many development have taken place which had revealed that technology may not always be beneficial to mankind. We need to consider the fact that man himself was responsible for the development of science and technology. With their help the consciously tried to modify and control the nature. But in this process he himself has become their slave. Though science and technology have created for reaching heights in mankind‘s development and progress, they have also resulted in far reaching serious implications.