How to removing Keloid Scars?

How to removing Keloid Scars?

Though it’s true that there are some born without imperfections on their skin, for majority of us, we have to deal with scars every single day. Keloid scars are especially troublesome since they are so difficult to remove, if they can be removed at all.

If you are like plenty of people out there, you have probably tried out every single over the counter scar remedy possible. Some you were happy with the results, others were simply a waste of money. Even though some of these creams and lotions help a little bit, it’s unlikely that they will completely remove the scar. Your best bet in this case, if the scar is something you really want to get rid of, would be to invest in laser surgery.

Laser scar removal can work wonders for your scar since it removes the skin layer piece by piece. The old skin is wiped out revealing a healthier and younger skin underneath. This will then reveal a scar free and younger looking skin than before. Moreover, the laser doesn’t only work on the surface but it also functions to stimulate collagen production under the skin which heals the scar inside.

Some of the common laser treatment involves Candela or Cynosure lasers. These are often used in conjunction with steroid injections which help to flatten out the scars for good.

Aftercare for laser scar removal is also essential. In order for the treated area to heal properly, it has to be washed with mild soap and then antibiotics are applied. Your doctor might prescribed other things that will help the healing.

The unfortunate thing is that there are limitations to people who can use laser scar removal treatment for themselves. For instance, those who have skin problems like psoriasis, dermatitis or other intense skin problems might not be able to undergo treatment.

Those who want acne scars removed will need to double check with their dermatologist as well since there are some medications used for acne treatment that might not react properly with laser surgery.