What Are The Risks of Teenage Bodybuilding?

What Are the Risks of Teenage Bodybuilding?

Although it seems fairly common now, (thanks to Twilight hunk, Taylor Lautner) experts still argue that teen bodybuilding poses a risk. Most professionals advise against having teens go through bodybuilding at such a young age since they say that it could potentially hinder the growth of the muscles. A teenager’s body undergoes a lot of changes at a short amount time, this includes hormonal changes as well as sexual development.

These changes in the teen’s body causes a lot of stress hence, it’s wiser, according to experts, to simply avoid stressing the body even more. All these changes in a teen’s body can cause problems if they are interrupted at random. Thus, medics often say that bodybuilding at this age could just cause more negative problems than positive ones.

However, the good news is that all these fears seem to be unfounded. Of course, teens should still be cautious in doing activities or exercises that could stunt their growth, but recent studies have found out that bodybuilding is not a part of these activities. Even when the idea of bulking up was still unpopular for teens, there has been no study linking bodybuilding with stunted growth.

Perhaps the most important thing to do if a teen wants to bulk up would be to get him or her professional assistance. This will help to eliminate possible injuries as he or she goes through the various exercises.

Another important factor to watch out for in teen bodybuilding is the use and abuse of supplements. If a teen is unsupervised as he or she undergoes bodybuilding, they might suffer from supplement abuse problems. There are tons of these diet supplements and steroids being distributed in training centers as well as gyms.

It is important that the teen bodybuilder knows or understands what these supplements are for and how they work. They might get the wrong notion that this is a fast and easy way for them to bulk up when in fact it isn’t. Moreover, it can only cause more harm than good to their bodies.

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