Role of Marketing Managers

Marketing activity of a business is the base of its success. So marketing manager must be very much cautions about each and every aspects of marketing and accordingly need to modify, change and adopt marketing activity, so that he can do well in existing condition.

In fact marketing manager is basically responsible to earn more revenue through successful accomplishment of marketing objectives. Therefore he must have doctrine over marketing environment, with which he can (meet) (solve) internal challenges and at the same time he can avoid socially undesirable external consequences. The marketing manager must be aware of the inter-relationship of the firm and the system and an appreciation of forces operating in both directions. The marketing environment may create new opportunities along with new threats. So the marketing mangers challenges are to study and understand the complex human behaviour and adjust his marketing activities accordingly. Following are some of the challenges faced by marketing managers, which are arisen in changing marketing environment. It includes.

1) Product planning and development

The marketing manager is very much associated with product planning and development.
Product planning means devising products for the markets. It must satisfy the needs and expectations of consumers.
Product development means introducing modifications to the existing product and bringing it into new form in the market.
Now a days, in a tough competition, the product have very small life, products need to have changes periodically. So marketing manager‘s responsibility to keep this in mind and according he has to act then only he can survive well in the market.

2) Processing knowledge of marketing environment

Marketing environment is dynamic in nature. It plays a crucial role in securing balance between consumers and the firm using marketing techniques. Here marketing manager should see or visualize that where the environment is heading, what new trends are coming up and in what way it should be responded. This can be done by only knowledgeable marketing manager and justify the situation.

3) Development marketing policy

Marketing manger needs to develop his marketing policies. While developing, he should see the frame work of organisational philosophy. Here based on his rich experiences, he can contribute in formulating a progressive, forward-looking, and result-oriented marketing policy in the light of changing marketing environment.

4) Optimum utilization of resources

To attain the organisational objectives marketing manager need to handle and mobilize all types of resources in tune of organisational requirements. Then the resources may be manpower (personnel) time, finance, machinery or other physical assets. If he is able to find out the exact use of each of resource and without any surpluses or shortages of resource he deploy it and utilise upto maximum limit of it, is called proper utilization of resources.

5) To follows government legislations

The marketing manager must be competent to operate the business within the limits prescribed by various laws. This will help the business to earn good will respect and will avoid, undesirable circumstances, controversy and penalty. The ethical business activities will be carried out by the business. For this managers needs to well conversant with existing rules, laws etc.

6) Diversified rules

Marketing manager‘s role is not restricted to selling and marketing area of the business. He has to deal and maintain vital link between different parties like customers, distributors, retailers, other firm and at society. Here he has to play different different roles in different capacities so that he can enhance business activity well and maintained relation with each of them very co-cordially.

7) To adopt improved technology

Technology is not a static element of business, Often one or the other way there is change in technological environment. This is sometimes directly or indirectly affecting to the business. Here marketing mangers responsibility is to see such type of changes are taking place and accordingly on the basis of business requirement need to adopt, If he is able to do so, then only he can stand as a successful manager.

8) Recognising changes in environment

Business can‘t survive in its isolation. It needs support from all aspect of its surroundings. It includes natural, political, social, economical, cultural and demographical environment. At the time of managing organisation effectively marketing manager should take note of the changes taking place and according re-conceal or re-adjust resources, so that he can do well. Doing such type of changes is very crucial job.

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