Role of State in Developing Countries

Role of State in Developing Countries

In the developing countries, there are number of actions started in the areas of the law making, taxation, justice, law and order, defence, macro-economic organisation and implementation of laws of the land. There is full swing towards the welfare activities which includes, social security, income generation activities, health and medical care, etc. are the areas where government mainly concentrates for its citizens.

The state has also tries to concentrate on the areas where the administration of the different departmental organisations and missions like, adult literacy, integrated rural development, development of infrastructure to organise the agriculture field and to farmers, development of industrial areas etc. the people in this recent century has lot of expectation on the state and its functions they expects this made the state to answer the requirements of them. The state throughout the world has improved and the actions of the state are in divergent form, the primary nature of the state transformed to bureaucracy the potentials for different kinds of departments has been amplified. With the success the confidence has increased so that modern state can govern properly, and the bureaucracy can give more efficiency, accountability to the requirements of the people and in the dream of the country so that it can improve along with other counterparts.

Traditional Functions:

The Traditional functions are the priority areas of the government where the public administration activities has been needed and also that the government supported every time such activities along with the social security.

Associations with other Countries:

The relations between the countries must have good relations so that these associations will have a long time effect on the friendships of the countries, hence, it has become an important discipline now a days. In the past the external relations were very simple task, only the delegates from the different countries use to perform diplomacy activities at the international level. The external affairs of the country will have to maintain complicated relations with the different sovereign countries of the world. These relations ranges from the international law, civil aviation pricelists to peace keeping operations and the research activities related to atomic energy.

Upkeep of Law and Order:

Up keeping the law and order situation in the state is the prime responsibility of the state, the law and order situation must be in the right place so that all the citizens can enjoy the liberty and other activities of the state. In the olden days the maintenance of the law and order was the responsibility of the local concern, only during the extraordinary circumstances when they were unable to control the situation then the involvement of military would have occurred. But in the present scenario the civil forces have developed with different departments like department of criminology, and law implementation to meet the requirements of the state.

There are courts which deals with law, law courts, they have grown and differentiated and they have distinct structure of administrative law which has been in well recognized manner. The guidelines of social and economic areas were small in the early days but now in the present times it has developed into multifaceted, it needs constant regulations like identical principles, legal controls, check, maintenance of records and the entire mechanism of bureaucratic legality etc.

Security Dealings of the State:

One of the important aspects of the state is to deal with the security of the state, in the olden days there were fights between the small acquisitive armies, and to grab the land of the opposition and getting the loot as their imbursement and parting them with injuries. From then the mass conscripted armies have developed and the initial mercenary have been substituted and very dangerous weapons have been developed by the different countries to safe guard from other countries, now the war is fought throughout the day on the land, sea and in the air. They used the weapons of destruction such as missiles, rocket launchers chemicals etc. it mad the state to make an organisation which take cares of the security requirements of the state.

Public Works:

The important and very much required priority of any state is to provide proper public works mechanism to its citizens so that they can lead better life. These includes, proper drainage system, large scale irrigation facilities, development of ports and harbour, mechanism to control the flood situations. In the last century it observed, comprehensive subway mechanisms under big cities, network of highways to connect the state with different parts, development of railways, airways and airports, development of communication satellites, under sea exploration, reforestation etc. the development of public projects must not cover the steady improvement of the public sectors.

Welfare Activities:

The government has given these welfare activities to the private organisations so that they can meet the need of the citizens, because they are not in a position to look after such activities. They are well organized through the different institutions by giving services for physically challenged persons, orphans, widows of the war etc. The concept of the state has changed and they supported by these organisations so that it can meet the needs of the people as an humanitarian grounds. With such activities people of minority classes along with second class citizens also gets these benefits.

Health Facilities: 

One of the top most significant function of the state is to provide health and medical facilities to its citizens. The state has to support the people with proper medical care regardless to the ability of the person to pay for it. It extends these facilities to those who are unable to afford by themselves either by giving subsidies or directly providing medical services, these services are remedial or preventive services which meets the requirements of the national services.

Education Facilities:

The primary requirement of any citizen is the education because it relates with the development of the country. Hence, it is the prime duty of the state to provide the better education system to its citizens. It provides public education system for all children among the ages of 5 to 15 years and also provides the kindergarten education to the child from the age two, and child care below to that. And at the top level it has institutionalized the high schools, colleges and technical colleges, medical colleges, universities, research organisations along with total adult education needs.


There are dissimilar kinds of the taxation have been implemented by the government such as, national taxation system, with an increased amount of taxes, a complicated record system and with arrangement of public tax collectors and inspectors. The Nationalized system, is progressively limited taxation to public authorities and combined it with economic and social policies of the state. Government also gives loans in a big manner with the help of its own system of banking and other loan organisations, it can evaluate taxable capability and can reduce the tax, so that maximize public resources for the development of community whereas ongoing of supplementation tax and loans with profits from the public land sale and other public enterprises.

Role of Human Resource department:

The consciousness about the country is developed by the education system, and with the help of some sort of subject taught such as history and geography. The youth after the completion of the school, are exposed to such activities state regulated youth movements, government election, jury service, military service and many kinds of voluntary civic functions. Most of the sates conserve their ancient culture and traditions along with heritage in the form of monuments, archives, libraries and in the form of art galleries by which boost the national consciousness by inspiring the indigenous arts, developing national theaters and folk dances etc.

Economic Managing Roles:

Government has definite economic powers with them like, regulation of trade and commerce, control of currency supply and sale of public land and some other ways. With this functions which lead to the nation building activities, and some other economic concerns, it can guarantee the source of weapons and restrictions on economic misuse of the defenseless. Government’s economic role has amplified due to the fact that the increasing economic opportunities. The difficulties of the community have developed with the agricultural revolution, industrial revolution and urbanization.

Improvement of Public Sector:

The government guarantees a different amount of economic products and services directly to its citizens and there by becoming the largest public entrepreneur. Whenever there is monopoly of any supply then it competes with the private sector so that it can meet the demands of the people and provide with better rates and with better marketing. Or it may decide to supply instead of relying on private sector.


Whenever there is up rise in the housing facilities or if in sufficient housing is required by the needy persons then it provides sufficient housing needs with subsidized rate or rents and functions as a noble landlord. It may have the recreational facilities, cultural activities etc.

Preservation of Environment:

The government protects the environment from extinguishing and in this regard the people has also put an effort in protecting it. Humanity can do what it wants and presently it wants explore all the necessary methods to protect it. And it wants to protect such species which are endangered, development of a forestation, pollution control with regard to water, air and sound. Preserving nature and forestry. Cleaning of litter, polluted and discoloured waters, organic sewage and dead animals. Reclamation of waste and renewal of non-exhaustible resources etc.

Urban Town Planning:

The municipal administrators face number of problems now a days because of the urbanization, the towns with the huge populations have been transforming into cities which leads to the problems such as, town planning. It has to be tackled in doing so, they are planning to reduce the severity of urban difficulties and to make more suitable to urban living happier. It organizes suburbs, regional, joined planning and satellite townships so that the big cities would be deliberately reduce the population by developing new towns around it.