Scalp and Hair Diseases

Scalp and Hair Diseases

Taking care of our hair and scalp is very important but there are times when we do end up suffering from a particular disease of the hair or scalp. This sometimes happens no matter how much we try to take care of ourselves.

There are essentially two kinds of diseased that could infect our hair and scalp. They can either be infectious or non-infectious. The more serious ones are the ones that are infectious since they can transfer from one person to another. Here are some of them.

Impetigo is one infectious disease that usually occurs in children. Impetigo comes from a bacteria usually entering through a cut or injured area of the head or skin. This will then cause large moist blisters which will eventually dry but will form a yellow crust.

Warts are another common problem found in both children and adults. Although warts are commonly found in the hands and feet, they can show up in the hair and scalp. This virus can be spread through direct contact with someone who is infected with it.

Heal lice is of course on the list. This doesn’t just affect children but adults as well. These are wingless parasitic insects that normally stay near the scalp. They feed by sucking up the blood from the scalp and they also lay eggs.

Folliculitis is another infectious disease that can happen to the scalp and hair. In this disease, the hair follicles become inflamed. It is caused by a bacteria and also spread via direct contact with someone who is infected with it.

If you happen to think that you have any of these problems or if you feel that something is not right on your scalp or hair, then please see a medical professional right away to avoid further problems.

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