Seizure Disorders

Seizure Disorders

Seizure is the sudden attack or recurrence of a disease. It’s the result of electrical discharge from the brain.

The Cause and the Different Types of Seizure Disorders

Seizure disorders are broadly classified into generalized seizures and partial seizures. Partial seizures are again subdivided into two types. They are

  1. complex partial seizure,
  2. simple partial seizure,
  3. Partial seizures that become generalized.

How to Distinguish a Partial Seizure From A Generalized Seizure?

  1. Generalized seizure can start with bilateral body movement and/or loss of [or weakened] consciousness.
  2. Complex partial seizure consciousness is impaired.
  3. Simple partial seizure consciousness is not impaired.

What Causes A Partial Seizure?

Any structural lesions in the cortex of brain can cause a partial seizure. E.g.

  1. Scar
  2. Infarction
  3. Tumor

What Causes a Generalized Seizure?

This can be better understood by knowing at what age does the disease has started. If the generalized seizure has started by 14 to 16 years or below the reason could be hereditary. But if the disease has set in a person at the age of adulthood, then the reasons could be

  1. Of toxic origin
  2. Of metabolic origin
  3. Partial seizure that became a generalized seizure.

The toxic and metabolic disorder mainly consists of

  1. Water Intoxication
  2. Hyperglycemia
  3. Hypoglycemia
  4. Hyponatremia [ abnormally low amount of sodium ions in the circulating blood stream]
  5. Withdrawal from sedative drugs
  6. Withdrawal from alcohol
  7. Bacterial meningitis
  8. Uremia

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