Simple Partial Seizure

Simple Partial Seizure

Please read about what is Seizure disorder before you begin gathering information about simple partial seizure. Simple partial seizure is one among the varieties of partial seizure. Before telling about simple partial seizure, let me tell in simple words what a partial seizure is.

Partial Seizure

Partial Seizures are characterized by either loss of consciousness [complex partial seizure] and which do not impair consciousness is called as simple partial seizure. Usually partial seizures do start with focal manifestations

Simple partial seizure

Simple partial seizures may be with autonomic symptoms, motor symptoms, sensory symptoms or psychic symptoms.

  1. Simple partial seizure with autonomic symptom: the consciousness will remain intact. But the patient may get a ‘funny feeling’ in the epigastria. He may complain of light headedness, sudden redness of the skin and nausea.
  2. Simple partial seizure with motor symptoms: the consciousness will remain intact. But this does have two different types of manifestations within the motor symptoms.
  3. Jacksonian: characterized by clonic movements and tonic movements. Tonic movements are characterized by continuous tension. Clonic movements are characterized by rhythmic contraction and relaxation of muscles. These movements do start unilaterally in the face, hand or foot and spread to other parts on the very same side.
  4. Other motor symptoms:  those include clonic or tonic movements of an arm or leg without the Jacksonian spread. There could be turning of head and eyes to one side.
  5. Simple partial seizure with sensory symptoms: Here too consciousness will remain intact. There will be numbness, tingling sensation and hallucinations. The hallucinations could be olfactory [odors], visual [flash lights], auditory [buzzing, someone ringing bell].
  6. Simple partial seizure with psychotic symptoms: the patient may experience déjà vu, which is the feeling of familiarity. The patient might be seeing the place for the first time, but he may feel that he had seen it before and he was there before. Remember every normal man can also feel the same. If you have felt so, don’t worry that you are going through an attack of simple partial seizure. The patient may exhibit fear or anxiety or rage. He may slip to day dreams, in some they will be clinging on to flashback experiences and a small percentage of patients experiences more complex hallucination.

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