how to get noticed

How to get noticed?

Most people agree that learning anything in walls participation. You cannot learn to play a musical instrument without actually picking up the instrument and similarly it is difficult to learn a language without engaging with that language. Given that language primer really exist to facilitate communication. Interacting in that language must have an important role to play in developing a learning ability in net language. Another word teachers need to promote learner interaction in order to help the learner succeed.



related to the concept of collaboration is that of socialization. Interaction does not only promote language development but also the development of Social Skill. Like  respect for others that people need to operate successfully in any culture.



Motivation is a fundamental aspect of successful learning. Interaction gives learning the opportunity to use language successfully and to measure their progress which in turn should lead to an increase in motivation. Providing a reason to interact if you are teachers you just ask that actively provide the learner with the reason to speak and listen it is helpful to them. Information gap activities are a good example of these.