Start a business - Animal Breeder

Start a business – Animal Breeder

This small business ideas you can start from home and makes profitable business. This article gives you idea about how to do this business? What is the requirement for the business? Who is your customer? How much capital is required to start a business? for business and other business aspects.

Animal Breeder

Start-up cost: $10,000–$15,000
Potential earnings: $45,000–$80,000
Typical fees: Often $200–$600 per animal
Advertising: Breeding magazines and shows, newspaper ads, networking, Web site
Qualifications: Knowledge of specific animal breed, familiarity with breed standards; a permit will likely be necessary as well (check with your local zoning board)
Equipment needed: Cell phone (with or without hands-free accessories),computer with Internet access, fax, printer, business cards, letterhead, envelopes
Staff required: No
Hidden costs: Home kennel and breeding area (check with your local zoning board for permit fees)

What You Do

Dog and cat shows are more popular than ever. All you need is cable television to witness the craze. But where, besides the highly undesirable “puppy mills,” do the most beautiful breeds come from? If you have a passion for purebreds, becoming an animal breeder might be just what the veterinarian ordered! Once you pick a
breed in which to specialize, you will need to build a small kennel and breeding ground and fi nd your prize-winning bitch or stud. Th en you will advertise your breeding service. You may also decide to fi nd a suitable breed match for your initial animal and sell their off spring to smaller pet shops or directly to the new pet owners.
Once you become known as a breeder, you will be able to quickly and easily connect with breed lovers via shows and the Internet.

What You Need

A cell phone will probably be your most important piece ofoffi ce equipment, along with e-mail for communicating with distant customers and contacts. A good computer with a high-resolution digital camera will also help you showcase the animals you are offering for sale.

Keys to Success

Th e most important asset you have is your breed. You will constantly need to protect the integrity of the breed characteristics, so your animals cannot be bred with just any other of its species. What will help you the most to grow your business is for your animals to win major show titles, so that their off spring become more valuable due to their lineage. Like the many animals you’ll breed, this business will take time to grow.