How to start a Seamstress business?

How to start a Seamstress business?

This small business idea can start from home and make a profitable business. This article gives you idea about how to do this business? What is the requirement for the business? Who is your customer? How much capital is required to start a business? for business and other business aspects.


Start-up cost: $500–$1,000

Potential earnings: $20,000–$40,000

Typical fees: $5–$75+ per item

Advertising: Newspapers, bulletin boards, fashion shows

Qualifications: Th e ability to create fashions and apparel without pattern would be useful Equipment needed: Sewing machine, materials

Staff required: No

Hidden costs: Remakes could take up more than an inch of your time

What You Do

If all you need is a needle and thread to design a business you feel comfortable in, then the alterations/sewing business is a perfect match. In this recession-proof business, you will repair or alter your customers’ clothing, but you can also offer custom-sewn clothing to busy executives who appreciate fine threads designed expressly for them. Creativity and the desire to make good clothes even better are the only requirements you’ll need, and the higher the quality of your work, the more people will hear about your service. Word of mouth is nearly always the best
way to grow the alterations business, although you may want to consider posting your business card on all the bulletin boards you can find in your community. Also, leave some extra cards for owners of dress shops, who often refer their customers to good tailors or seamstresses.

What You Need

Your biggest up-front expense will be a good sewing machine, which will cost $1,000 or more. You might look into buying a used commercial sewing machine, because they are more durable and can be purchased for as little as $400. Be sure to invest in a healthy amount of professional-looking business cards, because you’ll need a lot of them to spread the word about your service. Use a rate card to keep track of what you’re charging per job. Some alterations are simple and inexpensive, ranging from $5 to $10, while others are time-intensive and require you to charge
$75 or more.

Keys to Success

If you like to spend much of the workday by yourself, you’ll love this type of work. However, the hours can be long and the rewards not as frequent as you might like. Sewing is tedious work except to those who truly enjoy it, so make sure that you enjoy it enough to spend 65 percent of your workday doing it.