How Stress will Make Your Hair Fall Out?

How Stress will Make Your Hair Fall Out?

Although it may seem unusual, there are plenty of dermatologists and doctors who say that physical stress can trigger hair fall. On the other hand, many experts also disagree with this theory. Here are some things that you might want to know.

Losing Hair Due to Physical Stress

The truth is that physical stress as well as a prolonged disease can definitely trigger hair loss. For instance, Telogen Effluvium or TE, is one disease that can cause hair to fall out on its patients. Other things that might cause this would be pregnancy, illness, hormonal changes and medications.

Alopecia is also another thing that can cause hair loss. The stress is present on the scalp and hair follicles causing it to fall out.

Mental Stress Causing Hair Loss

Plenty of specialists might say that hair loss doesn’t have anything to do with mental stress. The thing is that mental or psychological stress might not directly affect hair loss, but it does cause certain changes in the body which in turn cause the hair fall.

When a person is under great stress or anxiety, the body automatically creates tons of cortisol. This will create changes in the thyroid and adrenal hormones and it will also be responsible for creating tons of androgen in the body. Hence, good mental health can prevent hair loss from occurring.

How to Treat Hair Loss from Stress?

If you experience hair loss due to stress then the best way to beat it would be to take away your stress. Find a way to not worry too much or at least make sure that you don’t overdo it. The more you cause mental stress to yourself, the more your body will pump cortisol in your system. Maybe you can find some simple activities that will help you overcome your stressful situation. There are plenty of effective ways on how to beat stress, all you need to do is actually go for it.

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