Tradeshow etiquette

Trade show etiquette

 Tradeshow are the best way to meet face to face large number of prospects and clients. an effective tradeshow booth is the one who clearly communicate the trade show marketing message. create the most attractive trade show booth with your creativity to catch the attention of visitors.

whether you are planning for a 20 foot or 50 foot exhibit space, you are having eye catching signage, appealing gateways, winning display, but all this is waste if you don’t have proper staff to represent your business.

keys to exhibit selling

 meet and greet: create a positive first impression. stand up and greet attendees in front of the booth.

 acknowledge people when they enter your booth: remember, an average visitor will wait less than 1 minute to speak with a booth staffer. make every guest in your booth feel important. if you are speaking with someone else, acknowledge a prospect waiting in your booth immediately… even just to say “i’ll be with you in just a moment.” plan to have enough staff in your booth to ensure prompt welcoming and qualifying of every visitor.

 gather information: determine who is your target visitor and what are their how buttons.

 make your booth attractive: make your booth attractive enough to draw attention of visitors. you can do so by putting scrolling banners; use 3 dimensional visuals, place banners in unexpected locations which will draw attention of visitors easily.

 get a commitment: establish a sales action before the visitor leaves.

 anticipate questions: develop a follow up plan well in advance. you can send emails or call the visitors within 2 weeks to check their responses.

Effective trade show

 start planning early: by booking the space well in advance, decide what you will have in the booth, booth space requirements, to review the show materials thoroughly.

 pre show marketing: by sending free passes and also send invitations to current and potential customers, advertise about our trade show.

 no food or beverages for staff in the booth: one of the most common trade show etiquette violations occurs when food and drink is kept within the booth for personal consumption. the message you send when you are munching on lunch is, “oops, i don’t have time for you now. i’m busy.”

 use proper images: create an amazing graphics and get the best look to your trade show booth with best graphics.

Do’s and don’ts for trade show


 start off by setting up your booth on time it will create a very bad impression on the attendees if you are still putting products and promotions out when the show is open.

 rehearse the sales script

 do not enter the space of another exhibitor.

 do not cross arms or legs

 keep your presentation to maximum 10 minutes, remember attendees can’t afford to be tied to one booth for more time.


 do not sit in your booth.

 don’t load visitor with product information

 do not talk on your cell phone in the booth

 stay out of your company’s and your competitors trade show exhibit booths.

 avoid rushing too fast into the demonstration


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