Types of Schizophrenia

Types of Schizophrenia

There are different types of schizophrenia.Different subtypes of schizophrenia are defined according to the most significant and predominant characteristics present in each person at each point in time. According to DSM there are five sub types of schizophrenia.They are as follows;

Paranoid schizophrenia:

A symptom picture dominated by absurd, illogical, and  changeable delusions, frequently accompanied by vivid hallucinations,with a resulting impairmentof critical judgement and erratic, unpredictable, and occasionally dangerous behaviour.

Catatonic type:

It is characterised by altering periods of extreme withdrawal and extreme excitement, although in some cases one or other reaction predominates. The clinical picture may undergo an abrupt change,with excitement coming on suddenly, wherein in an individual may talk or shout incoherently, pace rapidly, and engage in uninhibited, impulsive,and frenzied behaviour. Instate, an individual may be dangerous.

Disorganised type:

This type types usually occurs at an earlier age than most other types of schizophrenia, and represents a more severe disintegration of the personality. Emotional distortion and blunting typically are manifested in inappropriate laughter and silliness, peculiar mannerisms, and bizarre, often obscene, behaviour.

Undifferentiated type:

Patients in this category have the characteristic positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia but do not meet the specific criteria for the paranoid, disorganized, or catatonic sub types.

Residual type:

In this there is a mild indication of schizophrenia shown by individuals in remission following a schizophrenic episode.

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