various functions of societyvarious functions of society

Various functions of society

In an organized society certain conditions must exist or otherwise the society cannot survive.

Important of them are:

  1. Every society should have a shared set of goals: Unlike the animal society, a progressive human society must have sufficient attention to keep its members with a sense of meaning, purposeful and set of Without it, the social motivation of persons will wither away. Each society will have an ideology which explains to its member why its way of life has significance.
  2. System of Member Replacement: The members who die are replaced by new born through reproduction. Thus the members are dieing and are replaced by reproduction continuously there by the balance in population size is maintained. Some times new members are obtained from other societies through voluntary immigration and through conquest.
  3. Man is not born with an inbuilt knowledge of coping with the many different situations that he encounter in life: Such knowledge is acquired through experience and experimentation in successive
  4. Provision of adequate means of communication: The human society is to provide ready made and adequate facilities of communication transportation for its members for the daily social life and coordination of the social
  5. Satisfaction of Physical needs: Every society has some mechanism to protect its members from diseases, and to protest the hostile forces both internal and external which threatens its stability apart from supplying basic requirements of the members life food, clothing and
  6. Socialization function is another important function of society: An individual who is a biological organism at birth learns the ways of social life by the process of
  7. Human societies function on the basis of specialized work patterns: In the society, the socially assigned tasks of individuals differ basing on their age and A society can function smoothly and efficiently only when there is a provision of role differentiation and role assignment to different individuals and groups.
  8. Production function: No society can function without a system to satisfy the needs of its individual members. The production capacity of society depends upon its individual member’s needs and desires as well as upon their efficiency and
  9. Provision of effective social control is another function of society: Through the social control the behaviour of the
  10. Production system is associated with the distribution of material goods: The production and distribution system depend upon the structure of the In primitive societies, the producers and consumers are one and the same. But, in modern societies, the producers are different and consumers are different. Further, special provisions are made to look after the consumption needs of various groups of individuals like children, diseased and disabled who cannot produce themselves their consumption goods.

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