Vastu Shashra : Geopathic Stress

Vastu Shashra : Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress:  Geopathy is a Greek word where ’Geo’ means ‘Earth’  and ‘pathos’ means ‘disease.  In other words it is the ill health of the earth or the ill effects of the energy which emanates from the earth at  certain sites.

Recent advance study & research carried out in various parts of the world have resulted in identifying geopathic stress which can result in the creation of harmful atmosphere in a building. The sick buildings syndrome which is also recognized by the World Health Organization points to the fact that illness can be due to working or staying in a sick building.Initially, it was thought that inadequate ventilation and improper air conditioning as well as poor air quality were responsible for illness of the staff. But even after rectification of all these defects the problem in all sick buildings have not disappeared. The view is slowly gaining of around the geopathic stresses could be one of the factors resulting in imbalance in the energy field.

Geopathic stress has been accepted as a possible phenomenon and it has been acknowledged by several western thinkers that electromagnetic
spectrum with the frequency of the earth waves can resonate which in turn can affect certain energy fields inside a structure which have bearing on health and happiness of an individual. The western thinkers also believe that some other types of harmful radiations can pervade the building and can cause many unexplained diseases including Cancer. The work on geopathic stress was first started in 1920 by Winner and Melser in Germany. A link between cancer and geopathic zones was established by a study conducted on thousands of inhabitants. Several scientists have taken study of geopathic stress in Germany and France. Geopathic stress or the earth energy is believed to come from several sources like the earth’s magnetic field radiation forces created due to movement of plates inside earth, forces due to flow of underground streams and so on. It can occur in any building irrespective of its use. It is believed it can affect plants and animals also. Similarly,
modernization which has brought in tremendous amount of electromagnetic spectrum in the form of microwaves and other electronic transfer mediums have contributed to geopathic stress.

It was Dr. Manfed Curry who first hypothesized that there is a grid network of electrically charged lines of natural origin which encompasses the globe. These lines are flowing from northeast to southwest and southeast to northwest at approximately 3 meters distance. Curry hypothesized that where the lines cross, there is a double positive or a double negative energy which can disturb the balance in a human body. 

CURRY GRID : Energy waves in Northeast - South west Directions& NW -SE Directions

CURRY GRID : Energy waves in Northeast – South
west Directions& NW -SE Directions

The studies of Dr. Curry show that people who slept on positively charged ports got cancer and those who slept on negatively charged ports got inflammatory diseases. Dr. Curry recommended that for best health one should sleep within the grid. Dr. Hartman of Germany discovered another kind of flow of energy lines which were running from north to south and east to west. These are called as the Hartman lines and again  the study show that intersection points are dangerous for human health. The super imposing of Hartman lines on the Curry lines leads to a plethora of possible errors of lines cris-crossing each other and are capable of creating ports which are potentially more powerful than those

HARTMAN GRID : Energy rays on North -South and East -West Lines

HARTMAN GRID : Energy rays on North -South and
East -West Lines

that arise from the intersection of two lines in any one of the grids. Geopathic stress always accepts that apart from the Curry and Hartman lines, spirals of energy can be emanating from a single point of the earth’s periphery or from inside a building which are popularly called evolving sperm. An inward spiral can form when an energy from outside gets concentrated like for example while entering a narrow
passage from a road which in turn leads to an open area. This makes the energy enter the building in a spiral form. Spirals are supposed to occur in pairs and a spiral when suspected can be corrected by using copper tube pyramids Geopathic practitioners also believe that it is possible for negative energy to exist as a cloud and inadvertently it can move into a building where it is trapped. It is believed to be 10 ft. wider and most of the geopathic clouds are formed when a structure is built in a wrong manner. You should suspect a cloud formation
inside your structure if there are frequent accidents either in the bathroom or on the staircases.

Shumann Waves

These were discovered by professor Shumann in 1952. These waves have the same frequency as the brain waves and it is believed that these

Shumann Waves

Shumann Waves

waves which occur on the surface of the earth and oscillate between the earth and the ionosphere regulate the human body mechanism. The importance of these waves have been recognized by Nasa also. Now all manned space crafts carry Schumann Wave generators as these waves are not present in outer space to protect the health of astronauts.

Ley Lines

Ley lines are formed when stone like structures lie in a line. Any building contains stones which have been cut, hammered, dressed etc. In this sort of handling, the stone gets charged and the structure becomes an energy centre. This energy is believed to radiate even upto 25 miles. When  several structures like this are placed in a line they can form a strong energy centre with energy circulating in straight lines from one structure to other. They are called as by lines. Ley lines can be effectively used to block negative inference entering the building when such phenomena is suspected. On the same token dressed stone structures should never be used for dwelling purposes. A survey has revealed that people who live in dressed stones structures probably expose themselves to a wrong energy field and they suffer from ill health and ill luck. Dressed stones give negative energy and it is best to avoid them in construction. This does not apply to facade stones. This also does not apply to foundation stones as they lay buried under the earth. The above various types of subtle energy fields which exist can influence the functioning of an organism due to the vibrations it causes. As basically the human body is electrical in nature, and as the energy fields
mentioned above are electromagnetic radiations it is reasonable to suppose that the effect propagates the organism. However, nature builds a certain amount of immunity against these energy fields just like every human being enjoys certain amount of immunity from bacteria’s
and viruses. However, if the immunity system is weak then the geopathic stresses can cause illnesses and can be responsible from simple fatigue to cancer.
Thus we may have to examine a building where inhabitants are distressed from various angles to arrive at a conclusion. The first factor to analyze is from the point of your vaastu. Some people are under the impression that it is basically the science of designing structures in accordance with the local environment. They go so far as to say that the whole subject was designed keeping the prevailing wind conditions in India to take advantage of the rain and wind directions. This type of approach is shortsighted and any way has  no relevance in modern homes where control of temperature or lighting can all be achieved artificially and equally effectively. As we all know in developed countries
like USA all buildings are air conditioned with closed and sealed windows and temperature is maintained at a uniform level round the
What is important is to recognize that lighting and air circulation are important factors but vaastu is much than this. Unless one has an exposure to subtle energy fields and their effects, it will be impossible to appreciate vaastu. To a certain extent we have to club fengshui and vaastu because fengshui is gadget oriented and where vaastu cannot be incorporated due to one reason or other fengshui can help.
It is quite possible that after exhausting all the tools provided in vaastu and fengshui, the building continues to cause problems and here we have to check for the geopathic stress.
Unfortunately there are no instruments to measure the geopathic stress and one has to depend on dowsing to locate points of problems. Sometimes geopathic stress solutions can be different and devices other than fengshui devices may have to be employed.

When to suspect Geopathic stress in a structure?

a. If there is palpitation or increase in the pulse rate after spending some time in a building and if pulse rate returns to normal once the person moves away from the building.
b. A damp smell coming from any part of the building without any evidence of dampness.
c. If any part of the floor feels cold compared with the rest of the building.
d. If cats frequent the building or come to stay there.
e. If bees come and start a hive.
f. If ants or termites make a home
g. A dog barking at night with no apparent reason
looking in a particular direction at South or Southwest.
h. Frequent accidents in a particular bathroom, stairs etc.
Even if the accidents takes place in different rooms which is uncommon, you have to suspect geopathic stress clouds in the premises. Do not forget that a lingering geopathic stress can be cause of an accident out side the building.
The stress clouds are locked negatively charged energy fields. They may lock themselves in a particular point like in bathroom or over the stairs. They may also be floating round in a circle inside a building but never leaving it. In this case they can bring disease and affect one family member or the other. You can suspect a stress cloud if one misfortune be falls another or one member after another is affected in a

How are stress clouds created ?

There could be several reasons. Commonly they are created by constructing a building by loading positive zones like the northeast sector first and trying to advance towards the southwest. In this case, the weakened northeast sector allows negative energy to dominate the building. Subsequently, closure of this building by construction in south and west areas locks up the excessive negative energy and creates a cloud. You will notice a lock of this energy field in two stages. Firstly the construction will get delayed, there will be cost over runs and strained relationships between the builders and the owners. Sometimes there will be accidents of working personal also. However, there is another possibility of a negative cloud forming inside a structure. In this case a family could have lived in the structure for a number of years without any problem. The second person who occupies this structure could have the effect of the negative cloud if the earlier family had a member who was very much attached to the house and who reluctantly left it. This normally happens in case of distress sale of
residential or commercial building where the owner has developed sentimental feelings for the building. The same phenomenon could also surface where an older person suffers in humiliation and dies. Note that geopathic clouds are not created when there is a
suicide or violent death. It needs a continuous release of negative thought forms to form a cloud which can take several months to years. The best way to handle the geopathic stress created causing problems due to  locked up negative field from these is to have a pyramids which can create a higher positive energy field inside and neutralize the negative cloud. This is a very effective and safe measure and an inexpensive
one too.

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