Vastu Shashra – Selecting plot for recedence

According to vastu shashra selection of proper plot is very important, a house should be constructed on a good vastu or land to live on. Hence care and proper selection should be exercised when choosing to buy a property you intend to build your house on.

As we have come to an understanding that different cosmic energy fields reach our place of existence here on earth, the benefits we derive from them rely on the paths where these solar and magnetic energy meet at certain points on the earth’s surface. hence importance is placed on how we should position our lands and homes while these different types of energy emit their life giving powers on earth. the sunbeams during the morning are bearers of profuse and positive energy quite beneficial to the body, while afternoon sunbeams which can easily tire the human body are best avoided because they are not useful. for this purpose, energy coming from different directions is treated in different ways. energy received from northeast direction to southwest direction is to be stored in the body since the northeast is a positive pole and the southwest is a negative pole. hence in constructing our homes or buildings, the northeast side should have wider openings while the southwest should have smaller openings.

The principle behind this is to get as much positive energy as possible to achieve maximum potential for development and growth. thus these will all start with the land upon which we build our energy receptacle or house. here are some helpful learning guides when acquiring lots or lands for your buildings or edifices:

Geographic qualities of the vastu land shapes of the lot or land vastu shastra recommends square or rectangular shapes of lands. however, since perfectly shaped lands are hard to come by, vastu recommends what is known as the sherdah or one where the land is wider in front and coming out narrower at the rear. There is also the favorable vastu known as gaumukhi wherein the front part is narrower compared to the rear part where the lot is wider. the plot or land facings

  1. a lot facing northeast is a good site for homes, factories, and offices.
  2. a lot facing northwest is ideal for trading, business, and industrial sites.
  3. a lot facing southeast is good for chemical, petro-chemical, and electricity related industries.
  4. a lot facing southwest can bring good business for night time activities.
  5. plots facing a road in more than one direction can also be significant in vastu principles. land facing the west road brings fame and popularity. land facing a south road is ideal for business ventures.
  6. plots facing two-side roads :
  • lots facing north and east roads are good for overall prosperity.
  • lots facing east and south roads foretell prosperity for female residents.
  • lots facing south and west roads as well as those facing north and south roads will provide moderate fortune.
  • lots facing west and north roads are considered as prosperous lands.
  1. lots facing roads on three sides, one side of which leads to a road end or facing a t-junction are considered as not ideal or weak plots.
  1. the best plot of all is the lot facing roads on all sides.

The quality of soil

Land that has good soil quality is perfect for cultivation where agricultural production can prosper. land with too many rocks, worms, humus, and thorny trees are not promising sites. black and clay-like soil is hardly suitable for building sites which is also true for soil with crumbly rock composition. soil considered as perfect for construction use are those that are yellowish in color.

Vastu shastra also gives importance to the different debris materials found in the soil during excavation processes ofSelecting Plotconstruction. vastu guiding principles make use of them as indicators as to how the land fared during the past. listed below are the equivalent interpretations for each material dug out of the soil during excavation proceedings:

Stone abundance of wealth

Bricks all types of riches and possessions in the future

Copper or metals affluence in life

Coal illnesses and loss of health and wealth

Bones of animals hindrance to future developments

Snake or scorpion stumbling blocks to progress in construction

Anthill or termites damage to wealth and lessening the longevity of life

Straw or eggs death leading to pointless expenses

Cotton grief

Pieces of wood need to vacate the place

Skull intense quarrels and litigation procedures

Horns of cow wealth and abundant possessions

Gold or silver coins all kinds of comforts and luxuries

Zinc or brass wealth and comforts

Rugs or torn clothes conflict, quarrels, and strife

Iron or steel pipes death or extinction

Effects of roads near the plot

North / northeast – ideal for women and for business activities as this will ensure wealth

East / northeast – promotes upward trend in life especially among men; useful for newspaper offices / presses / photo studios / media industries, and residences

South / southeast – best for women as it brings happiness as well as excellence in finance

East / southeast – tends to make the residents greedy but brings more expenses

North / northwest – instability and lack of discipline and may lead to unlawful deals

West / northwest – good for businessmen with its quality to improve attitude and behavior

South / southwest – indicates accidents and bad habits for women and can lead to trouble

West / southwest – indicates frequent feuds, strife, and financial instability

Other things to consider while buying land

  1. triangular, diamond, and l-shaped lots are unpromising and therefore should not be purchased.
  1. lands that are cut in the corner or takes the shape of a headless body should be avoided.
  1. extensions on some portions of the land found on the northwest side are not good. they are believed to be causes for losing fortune or money. on the other hand, extensions on the northeast side are said to be bearers of wealth, happiness, and fame.
  1. avoid plots that are humped at the center which tend to slope on all sides. if at all possible, choose a land where the north east half or the solar half is lower than the south west half or the lunar half. adhering to this geographical make up

north, east, south, or west directions. our objective is to find the best land for a construction as per vastu.

Myths and rituals about the vastu or land

  1. there are certain properties considered unsuitable based on myths:
  2. property being sold due to insolvency.
  3. property belongs to persons suffering from leprosy.
  4. property owned by lunatics or demented individuals.
  5. property of persons who intend to leave the country or those who have left the country.
  1. property near meat shop, workshop, laundry, and shoe shop.

as a matter of propriety, land donated to a temple, assigned to a watchman of a village, acquired through charitable trusts, and those without any title deeds are not suitable for purchase.