Warning Signs of Dementia

The most important early indications of dementia are as follows:

1. Forgetfulness with effects at work:

Most people sometimes forget names or appointments. If this happens more frequently and inexplicable states of confusion become apparent, this could be an indication for a decline in memory function.

2. Difficulties with familiar activities:

People who are very busy are sometimes absent-minded and for example forget the pot on the stove.People with dementia possibly not only forget the pot on the stove but also that they are doing the cooking.

3. Language problems:

Most people occasionally experience difficulties in finding the right words. Dementia sufferers often cannot remember simple words and instead they use inappropriate ‘fillers’,which makes it difficult to understand the flow of the sentences.

4. Problems with spatial and temporal orientation:

Most people sometimes forget e.g. the day of the week or can get lost in unfamiliar surroundings. Dementia sufferers might be in their own street and no longer know where they are, how they got there and howto get home again.

5. Impaired capacity of judgement:

People don’t always wear the most appropriate clothing for the weather.Dementia sufferers however, sometimes wear totally inappropriate clothes.For example, they wear a bathrobe while shopping or several blouses on top of each other on a hot summer day.

6. Problems with abstract thinking:

Managing a bank account can be a challenge for many people.Dementia patients can often neither recognize numbers nor carry  out simple calculations.

7. Leaving things behind:

From time to time almost everybody leaves their keys or a wallet behind.Dementia sufferers however might put things in completely inappropriate places, such as putting the iron in the fridge or a watch in the sugar bowl.Afterwards they do not remember where they put them.

8. Mood swings and behavioural changes:

Everybody has mood swings. People with dementia may have very sudden moods wings,often with out discernible cause.

9. Personality changes:

Most people’s personality changes a little with age. People affected by dementia may experience a very pronounced personality change; this can happen suddenly or over a longer period of time. Some body who is generally friendly, for example, becomes unexpectedly angry, jealous or timid.

10. Loss of initiative:

No-one continuously works with the same motivation. Dementia patients sometimes loose the zest in their work and the interest in their hobbies completely with out enjoying new activities.

Dealing with daily life become increasingly difficult and people suffering from dementia andAlzheimer’s disease become increasingly incompetent and insecure in normal daily situations.But skills and abilities deeply ingrained by their life history are preserved for a long time and sometimes patients develop a pronounced feeling for atmosphere and feelings and are sensitive to physical contact and show warmth towards others.

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