What is Promotion Mix?

Marketing communication is also called as market promotion. Marketing communication refers to the method of communicating massages to the market with the motto of selling firms products. A good marketing communication requires several elements which include, Personal Selling, Public Relation, Publicity, Trade fair and Exhibition, Advertising, Internet Promotion (E-Marketing), Sales Promotion, Audio and Visual, Direct Marketing, Brands etc. The main aim of any marketing communication is to obtain and retain customers.

However, there is a number of other important objective are – To Inform To persuade To Remind.

A business must be clear about exactly what it is trying to achieve through its Marketing communication (promotion). The example of marketing communication include–Television Advertising, Radio Advertising, Cinema, News Paper Magazines Outdoor Advertising Branding Slogans Logos Packaging Sales Promotion Publicity Sponsorship Direct marketing Direct mail.


The UK chartered institute of marketing defines the promotional mix (marketing communication) as‖ the set of tools that a business can use to communicate effectively the benefits of its products or services to its customers.

Marketing communication is basically marketing promotion process. Brink and Kelly define the promotion mix as ―The coordination of all seller initiated effort to set up channel of information and persuasion of facilitate the sales of a product or services, or the expectance of idea.

Elements of Promotion Mix

Marketing communication can be define as it is the combination of various elements of marketing communication or promotion which includes –

a. Direct Marketing

In direct marketing there are no channel of intermediaries which known as retailers or wholesalers or distributors. In direct marketing, the marketing activities are done directly between the manufacturer and the customers. Direct marketing techniques include telemarketing, TV and radio advertising with free phone numbers or per-minute-charging, distributing direct mail to clients, door drops, and customer care lines. Also the internet marketing and mobile phone are perfect for direct marketing.

Many companies use direct marketing, and a current example of its use, as part of a business model, is the way in which it is used by low-cost airlines. There is no intermediary or agent; customers book tickets directly with the airlines over The Internet. Airlines capture data that can be used for marketing research or a loyalty scheme. Information can be processed quickly, and then categorized into complex relational databases.

b. Trade Fair and Exhibitions

Trade fair and exhibitions is conduct for product promotion. Much type of consumers is come to attained trade fair and exhibitions, which includes ordinary as well as industrial consumers. it is important in case of heavy and complex technological product. In trade fair and exhibitions management team can analyze consumer reaction to a product before released on to the market. Many kind of product can adopt this strategy to promote their product. This strategy is very useful for new product launching. Trade fair and exhibition can give a chance to show how a product actually works. They allow customers to discuss a product with members of the member‘s team. Technical staff is available to answer questions and discuss the product. Examples of trade fair and exhibition include- ideal car show, machinery shows, ideal home exhibition, boat shows.

c. Sales Promotion Meaning and Definitions

Robert C. and Scott A. has define the term sales promotion as ― Sales promotion consists of a diverse collection of incentive tools, mostly short term, designed to stimulate quicker and/or greater purchase of particular products / services by consumers or trade.

Philip Kotler has define the sales promotion as ― Those marketing activities other than personnel selling, advertising, and publicity that stimulate consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness, such as display, shows, demonstrations, expositions, and various other non-current selling efforts, not in ordinary routine.

It is the part of marketing communication. Sales promotion can help to introduce new product in market. Through the sales promotion product and their firm can attract customers, keep consumer satisfied, increase sales during off season, increase in advertisement, and also can face competition. It can offer to consumers to encourage them to buy goods and services. Some examples of popular sales promotions activities which include –

o Discount Coupon,
o Free Gifts,
o Bye-one-get –one-free
o Merchandising,
o Vouchers and Coupon,
o Seasonal Discount,
o Exchange Offer
o After sales Service
o Gifts on Special occasion
o Free Sample
o Guarantee and Warrantee
o Free Demonstration
o Credit Facilities

Advantageous of sales promotion

Increase sales and profitability.It is suitable for all type of product Immediate feedback from customers It handled multiple adjectives to maintain sales during off season, to promote new product. It can face tuff competition Sales promotion keep consumer satisfied. It is beneficial for new product launching. Sales promotion reduces degree of consumer dissatisfaction. Sales promotion can increase sales during off season. Sales promotion can help to attract new consumers. Mostly the consumer to switch competitor‘s brand. Sales promotion is flexible in nature. It can adjust sales promotion technique as per need or situation. Sales promotion is effective and impressive process. It creates brand popularity and customer awareness about product.

Disadvantages of sales promotion

Excessive use of sales promotion may affect sales and reputation of the company adversely. Sales promotion is expensive process Sales process is optional activity. Many companies may not adopt this strategy. In sales promotion accurate feedback is difficult to measure. People think sales promotion can use defective or inferior quality product.

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